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Hi! My name is Ivo Gomes and I work in the Usability, Accessibility and User Experience fields since 2003. I'm also passionate about functional and minimalistic design.

I graduated in Ergonomics, the science that helps understand the interaction between Man and his environment. Through Ergonomics we observe the way humans interact with objects around them, and propose solutions to improve that interaction. One of Ergonomics sub-areas is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), which by itself evolved into the concepts of Usability and User Experience. The more usable a system is, the simpler and more effective will be the human interaction with it.

Currently I'm a Senior User Experience Designer at Talkdesk, leading the design for the agents' experience of the future and how Talkdesk can improve the overall productivity and well being of contact center agents. I'm also a founding member of the Portuguese Usability Professionals Association and an active member of REPUX - Portuguese Network of User Experience.

I also do regular talks in several events and for companies. I do workshops too. If you're interested, drop me a line.



The work of a Usability and User Experience specialist consists in doing user research to know what are the user's needs, and develop interfaces and workflows that allow the users to fulfill their tasks in a simple and pleasant way. In a nutshell, it means we aim to provide a good user experience.

I work in this field since 2003 where I gained experience developing user centered solutions for several environments and devices (web, mobile and TV).

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Training and Workshops

Occasionally I'm invited to do some talks in events about usability and accessibility; and also for companies that want to give their employees a few tips and guidelines about the best practices in usability.

I also do some more advanced hands on workshops on usability methodologies like user testing, card sorting, heuristic evaluations, brainstorming, focus groups, etc.

Apart from usability, I also do some training in web accessibility.

For more information about my trainings/workshops or to invite me to talk on your event/company, please use the contact form below.



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